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Life cycle assessments for strategic guidance

Measure Your Environmental Impact.
Improve Your Products and Services.

We offer support to develop environmental strategic knowledge and metrics for strategic decisions and process management. Most measurable environmental aspects and their effects can be evaluated using the LCA method. We help connect environmental assessment to product and business development.

Here’s how we can measure your environmental impact and create value throughout your value chain!

Measure environmental impact with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This provides robust results for communication and strategies.

LCA is a systematic and scientific analysis method that allows us to identify how environmental impact is distributed across different materials and processes.

in value chain.

Take your analysis further. Optimize your products and value chains from environmental perspective with Life Cycle Design (LCD).

In the life cycle design phase, we create solutions, processes, and actionable items to ensure that the right activities are prioritized. Life Cycle Design involves looking at the task from multiple perspectives simultaneously.

Get started with your own analyses. We offer process management, e-learning, and software.

We offer support and tools to help you become independent in your own analysis work. Internal knowledge often yields even greater impact in environmental work!

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We are happy to tell you more about life cycle assessment, eco-design, and how you can create value in your business.

SimaPro is a powerful solution for those who want to drive sustainable change. Built on robust science and life cycle thinking, SimaPro is ideal for product designers, decision-makers, and sustainability experts.


We are in service of the planet, to create conditions for peace. We work to motivate and activate people to protect ecosystems. We do this by focusing on and contributing to sustainable development of production and consumption.