We help you quantify and understand your environmental impact. Using the life cycle analysis method, we can model and analyze complex life cycles in a systematic and transparent way. With our methods and tools, we can measure the impact of your company at both the organizational level and the product level. Together with customers, we can identify hotspots and opportunities for improvement through constructive design or business strategies.

Life Cycle Assessment

The method of Life Cycle Assessment according to ISO 14044 is used to evaluate the environmental aspects of existing or planned products. Assessing a product with LCA creates a comprehensive basis that can be used for various purposes, such as within product and business development.

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Environmental declaration – EPD

The best way to communicate your environmental advantages over other options is through an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). It provides credibility and comparability. It also facilitates work with environmental strategies and improvements, as it creates a systematic approach that works in the long term.

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Review & Verification

Miljögiraff helps you third-party review and verify your EPD and LCA. Our reviewers are certified within the international EPD system and follow standards for verification.

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Life cycle design (LCD)

The goal is to identify possible improvements from a life cycle perspective, your own ambition, and external demands. The purpose is to gain a clear understanding of which design and business decisions have what effects on the environment and how your company can work to create more sustainable business practices and products.

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Sustainable design strategies

Miljögiraff helps you identify the most important design strategies to create more sustainable products and services in the short and long term from a life cycle perspective. We base our approach on ecodesign and circular business models to create clear guidelines for you to integrate into product development.

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Communication material

The value of an analysis often arises when you begin to communicate the results internally and externally. We help you interpret and tailor your communication to your audience in a value-creating and accurate manner.

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Life cycle assessments

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a systematic method that can evaluate the environmental impact of products and services throughout the entire value chain, from raw material extraction to end-of-life disposal. With an LCA, we can identify key parameters for essential environmental aspects. This can include, for example, the consumption of a specific material, the impact of energy use, emissions to air, land, or water. It can also include environmental aspects affected by the handling of specific waste.

An LCA provides a fact-based decision-making foundation for product and business development. Having conducted an LCA is also a competitive advantage when communicating with, for example, your customers or in procurement processes.

Life cycle design

Life Cycle Design (LCD) is a method for creating solutions that environmentally improve products and services from a life cycle perspective. The starting point is an environmental assessment to identify the environmental impact throughout the value chain. The company’s control and ambition are mapped out to then build solutions tailored to the company’s operations.

The result becomes actionable strategies that fit into a more sustainable and circular future.

Analysis and development from a life cycle perspective

Looking at products and services from a life cycle perspective helps us see that decisions are not isolated but affect a larger system. This allows us to identify improvements that do not just shift the environmental burden to another part of our own value chain or an adjacent value chain, but actually reduce the overall environmental impact.

We help you all the way

Through life cycle analysis, we create measurability, and through life cycle design, we create actionability. The methodology is based on an iteration where we investigate and identify, then develop and test. This allows you to set a strategy tailored to and anchored in your business.

What we can measure, we can improve.

Measuring the current situation also creates conditions to measure whether a change has actually made a difference. Miljögiraff can help you build scenarios to identify potential improvements before you implement them to ensure that the investment leads to the desired outcome.

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