EcoDesign Studio

Ecodesign Studio is an intuitive web-based design tool to keep track of your product’s environmental impact. In the tool, you build up your product’s lifecycle using included databases and quickly get results. Based on the results, you can test different improvement scenarios. You can also create libraries for components used in multiple products and efficiently build your entire product catalog. Simply model, analyze, and improve.

Calculate and analyze your product’s environmental impact

Ecodesign Studio can be used at various levels. You can determine the total environmental impact of a product as well as identify which component, process, or material has the greatest environmental impact at which stage of the lifecycle.

Compare alternatives and create more sustainable scenarios.

You can quickly compare different options, either directly related to a product you’ve modeled or to get an overview of how various choices affect multiple products. In Ecodesign Studio, you can compare different material choices, manufacturing processes, distribution options, and end-of-life handling processes.

Product development, sustainability strategies, and communication

Ecodesign Studio is developed for designers and product developers, but the information you can extract from Ecodesign can be used in multiple ways and by different parts of the organization

Product Development: Test and evaluate choices, use the visual tables and results for communication with suppliers and in decision-making processes.

Strategy and Purchasing: Implement sustainable reduction strategies. The tool also offers the ability to input prices for different scenarios for economic comparison.

Communication: Let your customers know that you are working on development from a lifecycle perspective and communicate the results and methodology in your sustainability report.

”Ecodesign Studio has helped us to take the first steps toward visibility on our production and the effect that have on the planet. This tool has supported us to set up sustainability goals to be a part of improving the earth and slowly reducing our footprint on the environment.”

Emma Ivarsson
Product manager, Hejco

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