SimaPro is a powerful tool for those who want to drive sustainable change and provides effective support for modeling product lifecycles according to ISO standards. SimaPro includes libraries with virtually all general data as well as all accepted methods for assessing environmental impact. Miljögiraff has been the agent for SimaPro in Sweden and Finland since 2004.

About SimaPro

Since 1992, SimaPro has been developed by PRé Sustainability, along with its partners, forming a global network dedicated to life cycle analysis for sustainable development. This network enables SimaPro to evolve and maintain it’s focus. The tool is used by industrial actors for the system analysis of product environmental aspects. There is also support for integration with other Product Lifecycle Management systems.

Cost effective and flexible

For in-depth and long-term work with life cycle analysis, SimaPro is very cost-effective. You can choose to purchase access to SimaPro either as a subscription or a one-time fee + annual service. Either way, you’ll have access to support in using SimaPro, provided by Miljögiraff and technical backup by PRé. Answers to common questions, manuals, and instructional videos can be found on both the global and local website.

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