Maja Jakobsson, COO

Life cycle designer


”Regardless of whether you develop products or services, you need to consider the entire lifecycle. You need to understand the impact of your design before, during, and after its use. To stay focused in the pursuit of sustainability, we can work in a structured and methodical way with our creativity. With a clear vision and the right information and data, we can make a significant difference.”

Maja Jakobsson is the COO at Miljögiraff. She has a background as an industrial designer and product developer, and holds a Master’s degree in Design from the School of Design and Crafts. Since joining Miljögiraff, she has worked on helping clients understand and interpret sustainability analyses from a development perspective by identifying the answer to ‘What does the analysis say about our current situation and what can we improve?’. Maja has been involved in many different projects and industries. Today, she mainly focuses on developing Miljögiraff as a company.