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At Miljögiraff, we are a multidisciplinary team consisting of experienced experts in life cycle analysis and life cycle design. We can guide you through standards, regulations, and practices to make the measurability as purposeful as possible.


Open positions

  • We are looking for an LCA Expert

    We are looking for an LCA Expert

    We want to work with those who want to use their professional skills for something truly important. We are currently looking for a Life Cycle Expert who wants to be in the service of the planet. […]

Our manifest.


We serve the planet, to create conditions for peace. Peace requires secure access to basic needs and a fair distribution of resources. Ecosystems that function reduce the risk of scarcity and conflicts. All of the planet’s ecosystems are a system in balance. The purpose of our work is to motivate and activate people to protect the ecosystems and contribute to the sustainable development of production and consumption.


“To communicate without placing blame on the other” [non-violent communication] With respect for others and their perspectives and knowledge, we have the opportunity to get our perspective and knowledge across. Our role is to facilitate others in succeeding with their missions, in a way that contributes to sustainable development.


Our goal is fundamental and lies beyond individual organizations. Therefore, we find the solutions in collaboration between organizations and people. To create cooperation, we point out a common goal and try to highlight the opportunity to reach it together. We help customers to see their responsibility and their authority. The systems perspective helps us understand the relationships and conditions for sustainable development. The problems and the solutions lie in the way humans structure societies and economies. Therefore, it must be restructured.

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