Ballingslöv sets sustainability strategies and reduces its environmental impact with the help of LCA.

Miljögiraff helped Ballingslöv to conduct life cycle analyses (LCA) and environmental product declarations (EPD) on large parts of their range. In this way, they found out how large the environmental impact is and in which areas they can make improvements. The result led to them now being able to determine the environmental impact on the majority of their product range and can guide retailers and customers to make extra sustainable choices.

The life cycle analysis has provided Ballingslöv with a strategic map and a comprehensive view

For Ballingslöv, LCA has been an important strategic basis when they have developed their sustainability strategy. The analyses have given them a comprehensive view of their environmental impact and a strategic map to follow to reduce their negative environmental impact. For example, they saw that transportation had a relatively large impact in their life cycle and could quickly decide to fuel their trucks with fossil-free fuel.

“Sustainability is important to us. We have previously conducted environmental assessments, but we do not see them as sufficiently qualitative. With LCA, we can complement and obtain a comprehensive view.”

Fredrik Nyberg,

The LCA has not only been beneficial for the company’s management team in decision-making, but has also played an important role in knowledge transfer to the retailers. For Ballingslöv, LCAs are not just about comparing products, but also about conveying knowledge and increasing awareness of sustainability and environmental impact.

LCA opens up for collaboration between suppliers

Life cycle analyses have given the company a clear overview of its processes and helped them focus on the areas where improvements can be made. Through collaborations with their suppliers, Ballingslöv has used the information to explore opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of the paints used in their products. The work with the analyses and the concrete data has given Ballingslöv confidence in discussing sustainability and environmental impact.

Ballingslöv offers customized LCA calculations through the SimaPro Share tool.

As a step to make life cycle analyses available to their B2B customers, Miljögiraff also helped Ballingslöv create a tool through SimaPro Share, where they can offer customized LCA calculations for entire kitchen solutions. Ballingslöv believes that the demand for specific LCA calculations will increase among customers, and if they can be at the forefront and offer it, it is a competitive advantage. The SimaPro Share tool has also enabled private customers to compare different products on the website and gain an understanding of the climate impact, which guides them to make environmentally better choices.

By using LCA as a tool to measure and improve their environmental impact, Ballingslöv continues its sustainability journey and strives to be at the forefront of the industry.

Ballingslöv has published EPDs, Environmental Product Declarations, in the international EPD library Environdec. Below is a selection of the published declarations:

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